Monday, December 14, 2009

"Miracle on John's Brook Trail"

I remember a day, not too far away, I went on a hike with a friend.
     We parked at The Garden, our feet they went troddin', along the path and bend.
The two of us hiked until out of breath, about where The Brothers trail came to our path.
     Decided to break and handle with care, the Sun was shining, God's breath was the air!
We drank to quench, no more would be wise, a hike still ahead, cause cramps, tear eye!
     Speaking of eye, some movement up trail, black and white through trees, did I see a Vail?
 Awkwardly looking I tapped on my buddy, to confirm to myself that I was not nutty!
     The confirmation was made, what debt did we pay, to witness six nuns hiking our way!
 Seriously a vision was starting to unfold, a beautiful story that won't go untold.
     Those six nuns went by, with God in their eye, each one in a gown, from top to ground,
         smiling and nodding their heads up and down.
 Recalling the day and I were both hot, when remembering no camera to take the shot!
     The feeling subsided, with anger away, don't be so selfish and ruin the day.
 Each looking to the other with wonderment and awe, still disbelief in witnessing this sight we both saw!
     A swig for us both, pack on underway, up John's Brook Trail and we thanked God for this day!
 Along the brook old growth smells great, there was no doubt, no need for debate, home for supper
     no later than eight, a blessed day, from the hike to the nuns, to the food on my plate!
 Laying my head on the pillow to rest, I thank God for my blessings and let him do what's best.