Monday, August 24, 2009


This blog site is dedicated to the preservation of the "Adirondack Way"! Thanks for taking time out of your valuable life, and feel free to comment on any of my posts! I'm just getting things started here, so check in from time to time, it will definitely get interesting! Through photography, writing, poetry, etc., we'll explore this beautiful area of the world I call home, or for some folks, your home away from home! Be well, live large, and peace be the journey! :-)


  1. Char, I'm proud to call you my brother and my friend. I'm excited to see you start this new journey in your life. People may finally learn of the depth you carry within yourself. May God make his light to shine upon you and teach you his ways. Live long and prosper. Love, Bis Sis

  2. Nice to meet you Charles, I am here via Free Space and I was surprised to see we are an owl hoot away from each other. I always travel to the roots of a blog to see what nurtures the tree. I enjoyed my first visit here. Maybe we will cross paths some day. I will be the grey haired guy with the camera, pad, and pen- with my glass half full...