Sunday, July 24, 2011

"The Dream"

Dreamt I was eagle flying high in the sky, soaring on two wings and the thermals was I. The feeling of freedom as I looked down below, the clouds were majestic and the Sun was aglow.
The dream continued, but this time I was deer, bounding and frolicking in a meadow, all clear.
No man in sight to disturb my good time, the dewed grass was sweet, unpolluted, devine.
Shape shifting commenced, and I became frog, snatching up insects as I sat on my log.
Two hops away to a lilypad nearby, sunning myself til my skin turned dry.
Taken aback this time I was tree, reaching for the Sun, defying gravity.
Swaying back and forth, to the rythym of wind, my roots gather water for a drink from within.
Then I became rock, polished and still, wanting to move with all of my will.
Weathered and worn by the passage of time, elements have their way, as I wish sublime.
When I awoke, it became so clear, that we are all connected to the things we hold dear. -CHE


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  1. I know these feelings! This is beautifully spoken.